The world of cryptocurrency is accompanied by a range of legal documentation and procedures, and what better way to get an accurate and informed translation of legal content than by an attorney? If you don’t have an answer, then we’re on the same wave length, and great minds think alike. Our team recognizes the need for meticulous precision and knowledge that legal writing and translation demands in the crypto space. Crypto-Translations’ legal translators are well-versed in terminology, and we offer a range of legal translation services:

  • Agreements and work contracts
  • Legal articles, wills and inheritances
  • Financing agreements and power of attorney
  • Patents and software contracts
  • Marriage and birth certificates
  • Police records, passports and authorizations
  • Immigration documents
  • Websites for law firms, website terms of use, and internet contracts or court rulings
  • Copyright agreements, and engagement contracts between consumers and companies
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