Since its market rates have skyrocketed dramatically, Bitcoin’s been in the limelight– in the news, financial publications, and of course, the digital and online space; all of which have created both an awareness and interest in utilizing blockchain technology for diverse purposes. The launch of organizations that are underpinned with blockchain technology is growing, and startups worldwide are riding the wave of this Bitcoin buzz. New ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are hitting the market on an ongoing basis.

With each digital coin’s offering to the public, a white paper traditionally accompanies it, breaking down the commercial, technological and financial details of the new digital coin. While also functioning as a strong piece of content for a company’s marketing collateral and online presence, white papers are an excellent resource that can provide investors with insights that help them evaluate a new token’s value, and whether the digital coin offering is a worthy investment and addition to their portfolio.

What Is a White Paper?
A white paper forefronts the various features of products, solutions or services that a company offers to their market, contributing to the brand’s marketing efforts intended to generate sales, (in this case, the sale of their digital coin). While often technical and highly detailed with facts, statistics, data, numbered lists, tips and highlights of an ICO, white papers are not manuals or user guides, but truly high quality, informative marketing collateral with deep insight on the token, cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. White papers are frequently generated in the field of B2B Marketing, and come in 3 different forms: backgrounders, numbered lists, or a problem and solution format, reaching up to 2500 words and usually in a formal and academic style.

For cryptocurrency and blockchain tech companies interested in global reach, an effective ICO white paper could be the critical factor that converts potential buyers into actual cryptocurrency investors. We at Crypto-Translations understand the important role a white paper can play when companies launch a new digital coin. Our translation experts invest care, attention and detail into a localized, articulate and precise translation so that your offering and reach to target markets is amplified and successful.

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